Board of Directors

Community Living Mattawa is an association that is comprised of members who have an interest in the well-being of people with developmental disabilities and believe in a community that fully supports and includes any one of its community members.

Community Living Mattawa has a volunteer Board of Directors that is comprised of 8 members from the association.  The general functions of the Board are to plan and direct the policy of the association, ensure the association is financially responsible to its funder and the public as a whole, sets the strategic direction for the association, and is responsible for the overall performance of the association as it pertains to achieving its stated purpose, goals and objectives.

The Board is made up of a diverse group of people who should be:

  • Composed of persons vitally interested in the work of the Association.
  • Representative of the areas of concern the Association serves.
  • Fiscally responsible for the Association and accountable to the community.

The Board of Directors is elected annually at the Association’s Annual General Meeting, held in November and serve for three year terms.

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Board Member Job Description

2020-2021 Board of Directors

Monique Antoine, Board Chair

Monique is a Loans Officer at the Caisse Populaire de Mattawa by profession and has been on the Board since 2013.  Monique is one of our bi-lingual Board members.  Monique has skills and expertise in the areas of Financial, and Human Resources.

Wayne Cotgreave, Vice Chair

Wayne joined the board in November 2018. He is a retired police officer who brings to the board experience in legal, public relations, labour relations, human resources, and planning. Wayne is interested in helping the board with it’s governance and its fundraising.

Tanya Bélanger, Treasurer

Tanya joined the board in 2012. Tanya is a Nurse Practitioner and Vie-President of Clinical Services at the Mattawa Hospital.  She is one of our bi-lingual board members, and her skills and expertise are in the areas of Medicine, Public Relations, Human Resources,  Planning and Organization.

Crystal Backer, Secretary

Crystal joined the Board as a Director in 2019. Crystal is a Registration Clerk at the Mattawa Hospital and an Education Assistant with the Near North School Board. Crystal brings to the Board experience in social work, education, human resources, planning, and fundraising.

Chantale Michaud, Director

Chantale joined the Board as a Director in 2019 as one of the Board’s bilingual members. Chantale is a Peer Support Specialists with Pep Place. Chantale brings to the Board experience in public relations, social work, education, and planning. Chantale identified an interest in assisting the Board with public relations, human resources and policy.

Amy Leclerc, Director

Amy joined the Board in February 2021.  She is the Executive Assistant and Town Clerk for the Town of Mattawa and brings experience in planning, organizing, business, and experience on other non-profit Boards.  She has extensive knowledge of the Mattawa community and wants to give back to her community by sharing her experience and knowledge.

Lyndee Cicalo, Director

Lyndee joined the Board in February 2021.  She is a lawyer who brings experience in planning, organization, legal, and human resources.  Lyndee grew up in Mattawa and is a bilingual.  She is interested in giving back to her community and has interests in fundraising, human resources, and providing services for people with developmental disabilities.

All of Community Living Mattawa’s Board members care about the people with whom the agency supports and believe in the Mission of the organization to increase independence and inclusion for the consumers of the association.

For More Information About Becoming a Board Member, please contact:

David Spencer, Executive Director
Community Living Mattawa
705-744-2979 ext. 203