Community Outreach

Program Description:

Community Outreach offers meaningful daytime activities throughout the week. The services offered provide learning workshops, training and coaching in a variety of areas including:

    • life skills development, such as cooking, meal planning, grocery shopping, budgeting, and household cleaning and laundry;
    • employment skills such as resume writing, employment preparation and education, application completion, job searching, and job coaching;
    • health, safety and wellness;
    • volunteer opportunities;
    • educational sessions;
  • some recreational and social activities such as games, community outings, music, and creative arts; and sensory stimulation programs for individuals with higher support needs.

All programming is centered on the needs and interests of the participants and are developed with the individual (and their family when necessary).  Participants are supported to achieve their goals and to develop their independence. This may be through one-to-one support time, or in small ‘class’ like settings that involve 2 to 4 other participants learning together. The supports provided will also increase opportunities for participants to explore local resources, become involved within their community and increase natural relationships. Our goal is to promote independence.

Community Outreach is fully accessible and is equipped with personal care facilities for individuals with higher needs.

How to access Community Outreach:


The individual must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older;
  • Have a developmental disability with supporting documentation;
  • Reside within the geographical boundaries of the Mattawa-Bonfield catchment area.


All applications for Adult Developmental Services, as of July 1, 2011 are made through Developmental Services Ontario.

Developmental Services Ontario Northeast (DSO) will:

  • Confirm eligibility for services;
  • Assist in the completion of the application package and Support and assessment process;
  • Provide information about available services and supports;
  • Link eligible and prioritized people to available services and supports.

Developmental Services Ontario – North East Region Contact Information:
1-800-668-8555 ext. 1206